Servo Voltage Stabilizer for medical equipments

COSMOSTAT Servo Voltage Stabilizers for medical equipments protect medical devices from power fluctuations and failures.

Servo Voltage Stabilizer for medical equipments

The role of medical equipment is to save lives and keep people healthy. For proper functioning, they require reliable and steady power supply without fluctuation and transients. Hospitals and other medical establishments require uninterrupted and reliable power supply to secure many critical devices/equipments. We manufacture stabilizer for medical equipments like: Diagnostic systems like CT scanners, MRI machines, Medical imaging machines, X-ray machines and many more. Voltage stabilizers for medical equipments protect medical devices from power fluctuations and failures.
Backed by the deep experience in this domain, we at “COSMOSTAT.” in Delhi  are involved in manufacturing servo controlled voltage stabilizer for medical equipments which are highly demanded by various medical centers for its unique attributes like: longer service life, high efficiency & smooth performance, enhanced durability, no wave distortion and etc. The offered stabilizers for medical equipments are fabricated by making use of top-grade materials and innovative technology. These stabilizers maintain a constant voltage level and protect equipment against voltage surges, voltage swells, voltage sags and as such.

Features of our stabilizers for medical machines are as follows:
1. Greater efficiency
2. Excellent performance
3. Extended service life
4. Superior durability
5. No wave distortion and etc.


 Quick \Response
  High Overload capacity
  Fast Correction
  No Hunting, No Oscillations,
  No Noise Generation


Better efficiency of ≥ 98% achieved by use of prime grade Lamination.
  Electrolytic copper wires of 99.99% purity.
  Special designed transformers to minimize losses.
  Also, Special sensing circuit to ensure constant Output Voltage