Servo Voltage Stabilizer for Home or Residance

COSMOSTAT stabilizers operate in wide input range, with an intelligent time delay system, and is equipped with low and high voltage cut-off protection.

Servo Voltage Stabilizer for Home Use

Choose the best Servo stabilizers for your home appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, and air conditioners with COSMOSTAT. These stabilizers operate in wide input range, with an intelligent time delay system, and is equipped with low and high voltage cut-off protection. These servo stabilizers for home appliances have built-in thermal overload protection and has line noise and spike protection. COSMOSTAT offers a offer wide portfolio of Stabilizers, suitable for the different appliances in your house.

How Servo voltage stabilizers play an important role in India?
The working of servo voltage stabilizer is that it uses an automatic circuit to control fluctuations and manage current. It calculates the load requirement beforehand and instantaneously so that delicate machineries do not have to face over current. Servo voltage stabilizers are mostly preferred because it gives near accurate variance at just +/-1%. In traditional relay type voltage stabilizers this figure is around +/-10 %. The digital IC circuit dies a phenomenal work and maintains a perfect coordination between the ac servo synchronous motor and the circuit to achieve desired results. The working of the Servo motor is triggered by voltage fluctuation. It adjusts current supply at secondary winding so that ultimately, the equipment gets uniform power input.
Sensitive appliances like an Air Conditioner requires only the best voltage stabilizer available in the market. COSMOSTAT stabilizers regulate the voltage output accurately to ensure a safe functioning of your Air Conditioner. Similarly, although refrigerators usually have a wide voltage range, they are practically unprotected from sudden voltage surges; and hence a stabilizer like ours is required for proper functioning of your appliance during these voltage surges. Keep your food from going bad and your refrigerator protected with our selection of servo voltage stabilizer Refrigerator Stabilizer. These have a wide input voltage range to ensure safe functioning. Your movie time will no longer be interrupted, and your television will be protected from voltage fluctuations with COSMOSTAT servo voltage stabilizer.


 Quick \Response
  High Overload capacity
  Fast Correction
  No Hunting, No Oscillations,
  No Noise Generation


Better efficiency of ≥ 98% achieved by use of prime grade Lamination.
  Electrolytic copper wires of 99.99% purity.
  Special designed transformers to minimize losses.
  Also, Special sensing circuit to ensure constant Output Voltage