Isolation Transformer


“COSMOSTAT” k-rated Isolation Transformer employs a unique multiple shielding techniquethat reduce the interwinding capacitance to below 0.00f picofarads, D.C. Isolation to over 1000 Megaohms and line lekage current to a safe 10 microamps maximum. Whereas an ordinary Isolation Transformer has interwinding capacities of 50 picofarads. “COSMOSTAT” k-rated Isolation transformer has therefore only ten thousand the noise leakage as compared to an ordinary Isolation Transformer. K-rated transformer are available upto designed rating in single phase.fro three phase input supply, three single phase units can be connected in STAR configuration.


Technical Specification

2.Input Voltage  :  As Required
3.Acceptable input Voltage :  +/- 10 % AC
4. Mode Of Operation  :  As step Down or Step up or 1:1 Isolation Transformer
5.Common Mode Rejection. (Transient, Spikes, Surges)            :Greater Than 130 dB
6.Coupling Capacitance               Less Than 0.005 pF
7.DC Galvonic Isolation  : More than 1000 M ohms
8.Break Down Strength  :  2500V AC For 2 min.
9.Load Regulation : 3.5 %.
10. Leakage current :  Class “B” type
11. Operating temperature range : 15 deg. C to 50 deg. C
12. Range  : 1 KVA to 200 KVA


Protect the Micro processor based machines and equipments from damage due to electrical noise, spikes etc
Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership:
All copper windings for high efficiency and long service life.